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P442 The additional value of cytapheresis therapy in patients with severe ulcerative colitis treated with oral tacrolimus

S TakahashiM ColvinJ ToyosawaM IshidaT KagawaS KuraokaY AoyamaK OkamotoI SakakiharaK IzumikawaK YamamotoS TanakaM MatsuuraS IshikawaM WatoT HasuiT Inaba, Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis, Volume 12, Issue supplement_1, February 2018

Cytapheresis therapy as an additional therapy to oral tacrolimus is effective in patients with severe ulcerative colitis.


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Adacolumn for Hemoperfusion to Deplete Inflammatory Leucocytes as an Alternative or Complementary to Drug Therapy in Patients with Immune Disorders: Basic Mechanisms and Concepts for Therapeutic Efficacy

Jia HuangQian WangYongjing ChengYingjuan ChenMing GaoFeng YangBingyao MuRongwei ZhouCibo Huang, Altern Ther Health Med. 2020 Jul;26(4):36-42.

This study indicated that LCAP therapy can significantly decrease RA disease activity and is a safe and effective alternative therapy. LCAP therapy significantly reduced serum CXCL16 and serotonin levels, offering a putative mechanism by which it improves the articular symptoms of RA.

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Granulo-monocyto apheresis is more effective in mild ulcerative colitis than in moderate to severe disease.

Chiara De Cassan 1Edoardo Savarino 1Piero Marson 1Tiziana Tison 1Giorgia Hatem 1Giacomo Carlo Sturniolo 1Renata D’Incà 1 , World J Gastroenterol. 2014 Dec 7;20(45):17155-62.

Patients with mild UC benefit from GMA more than patients with moderate to severe disease in the short-term period. GMA should be considered a valid therapeutic option in cases of contraindications to immunosuppressants, corticosteroids and/or biologics.

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