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Adacyte Therapeutics

Adacyte Therapeutics is a multinational company committed to the development and commercialisation of unique health technologies aimed at improving patients’ health and their quality of life.

As no two patients are exactly the same, we provide solutions that take into account this diversity and their different needs; thinking outside the box and taking responsibility to work through these ideas to develop effective and innovative medical devices. We aspire to improve and transform the lives of patients with chronic diseases.

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The team

Adacyte Therapeutics is a company led by talented professionals with extensive experience in all phases of medical device/drug commercialisation, allowing us to quickly respond to the diverse and ever-changing needs of patients, the particular healthcare system and healthcare providers.

The management team members are a perfect blend between seniority and rising talent, with backgrounds in biomedical science and MedTech industry and proven skills. This enables us to develop and commercialise innovative medical technologies that make a real difference to the lives of patients and their families around the world.

Due to our extensive professional experience, we can also draw upon close, solid and productive relationships built over the years with the main European and National IBD, Nephrology and Oncology medical societies.

We believe in ourselves and in the enormous creativity, potential and experience of each member of our team. We are aware that with the capabilities of the entire team, we can achieve things together that perhaps we have not yet even imagined.

“Experience, talent and passion for what we do is what defines our team the most”

Company values & operating principles

  • Powered by passion, perseverance and aspiration
  • Excellence & rigour in the science supporting our commercialised products
  • Behaving ethically, with integrity, honesty & fairness. We warrant the trust placed in us
  • Embracing diversity and unlocking talent
  • Embedding imagination & uniqueness in what we do: audacious attitude and unconventional thinking

This is us
This is Adacyte
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Facts and figures

Adacyte Therapeutics is a trusted company working with the very best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products which make a significant difference to patients’ lives.

In Adacyte Therapeutics we work closely with our global partners to provide innovative, effective and safe healthcare solutions for patients worldwide.

  • We are operating in Europe since 2018
  • Our products are currently available in more than 150 University Hospitals across Europe

The company operates in accordance with the quality management system set out in ISO 9001 and environmental management system set out in ISO 14001 (see certificates approved by an external company). In addition, we are adapting the systems to obtain ISO 13485 certification.

Quality Management System (9001)

Environmental Management System (14001)

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