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PP2-05 Clinical factors associated with relapse of ulcerative colitis after granulocyte-monocyte adsorption

poster at ISFA 2019 pag 155

Clinical factors correlated with early relapse of ulcerative colitis (UC) after granulocytemonocyte adsorption (GMA) were investigated. The data from 61 UC patients treated by a
series of 10 sessions of GMA were collected retrospectively. UC was relapsed in 14 patients
(23%) within 24 weeks after GMA. Compared with non-relapse group, relapse group had
significantly higher value of Seo index (SI) evaluated before and after GMA treatment.
Binomial logistic regression analysis showed that SI was significantly correlated with UC
relapse. Relapse rate was significantly different between groups divided according to SI. Seo
index may associated with early relapse of UC.

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