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Granulocyte Apheresis: Can It Be Associated with Anti PD-1 Therapy for Melanoma?

Alvise Sernicola 1,Anna Colpo 2,Anca Irina Leahu 2 and Mauro Alaibac 1Medicina 202258(10), 1398;

In the field of advanced melanoma, there is an urgent need to investigate novel approaches targeting specific components of the cancer–immunity cycle beyond immune checkpoint inhibitors. The authors reviewed the basic understanding of the role of neutrophils in cancer biology, and the latest clinical evidence supporting the correlation between cancer-associated neutrophils and the prognosis and response to the immunotherapy of advanced melanoma. Finally, they propose that granulocyte and monocyte apheresis, an emerging non-pharmacological treatment in current dermatology, could become an investigative treatment targeting melanoma-associated neutrophils which could be potentially used in combination with the usual immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Scientific corner

P154 Clinical assessment of prognosis and the prognostic factors in intestinal Behcet’s disease

M HachiyaT SakuraiY NagataA HidakaY AkitaH MiyashitaY MaruyamaR MiyazakiM NoguchiR SawadaJ MitobeM MitsunagaT YamasakiT KatoM Saruta, Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis, Volume 12, Issue supplement_1, February 2018,

Approximately 30% of all cases and 50% of severe cases that had received biologics were not able to avoid surgery. In severe cases, it is important to evaluate early treatment efficacy and prognostic factors because the median time of administration of biologics was only 9 weeks. However, no independent prognostic factor was found in this study.

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