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Leukocytapheresis in Patients with Moderate-Severe Steroid-Dependant Ulcerative Colitis: Clinical Response without Endoscopic Response

Irene Modesto, Daniela Scimeca, Ambrogio Orlando, Mario Cottone, Inflamm Bowel Dis 12 (10), October 2006

We report the results of an open prospective study of LCAP in moderate to severe steroid-dependent UC. LCAP is an effective procedure in obtaining discontinuation of steroids in 36% of patients with UC for at least 3 months. Overall 4 of 11(36%) patients could discontinue steroids within 3 months. No relevant side effects were observed. The procedure was well tolerated. In our series, there was no endoscopic response. Most of the patients obtained a clinical temporary response, but many relapsed

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