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Factors associated with treatment outcome, and long-term prognosis of patients with ulcerative colitis undergoing selective depletion of myeloid lineage leucocytes: a prospective multicenter study.

Selective myeloid leucocyte depletion was effective for remission induction and improving patients’ quality of life. Baseline demographics such as disease activity level, duration and corticosteroid dependency appear to predict response to GMA. Additionally, patients with a first UC episode who were drug naive responded well to GMA and achieved a favorable long-term disease course by avoiding pharmacologics from an early stage of their inflammatory bowel disease. These findings should help to end unnecessary use of medical resources by targeting GMA to patients who may respond well.

Yoko Yokoyama 1Kenji Watanabe 2Hiroaki Ito 3Masakazu Nishishita 4Koji Sawada 5Yusuke Okuyama 6Kazuichi Okazaki 7Hisao Fujii 8Hiroshi Nakase 9Tsutomu Masuda 10Ken Fukunaga 11Akira Andoh 12Shiro Nakamura 13 ,

Cytotherapy 2015 May;17(5):680-8.

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