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Effectiveness of Cytapheresis for Ulcerative Colitis in Special Situations: Delayed Onset of Optimum Efficacy in Elderly Patients

Tomoyoshi Shibuya 1Osamu Nomura 2Kei Nomura 2Koki Okahara 2Keiichi Haga 2Dai Ishikawa 2Naoto Sakamoto 2Tatsuo Ogihara 2Taro Osada 2Akihito Nagahara 2 , Digestion, 2020;101(1):46-52. 

Unlike pharmacologicals, the efficacy of Cytapheresis appears to be time dependent. Accordingly, in the elderly, we observed a delayed response, indicating that elderly patients may respond beyond the end of Cytapheresis therapy. Therefore, patients who do not show efficacy at the end of Cytapheresis therapy should be followed up for delayed response. Further, Cytapheresis is favored by patients for its good safety profile.

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