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Crohn’s disease complicated by hepatitis B virus successfully treated with the use of adsorptive depletion of myeloid lineage leucocytes to suppress inflammatory cytokine profile.

Yoko Yokoyama 1Ken Fukunaga 2Koji Kamikozuru 2Toshiyuki Sato 2Mikio Kawai 2Koji Nogami 2Kazuko Nagase 2Misaki Nakamura 2Masaki Immured 2Nobuyuki Hida 2Shiro Nakamura 2 , Cytotherapy. 2014 Jun;16(6):821-5.

Immunosuppressive therapy required to treat an active CD potentially can promote HBV reactivation and worsen liver function. In this study involving a CD case complicated by chronic HBV infection, intensive GMA as a non-pharmacologic treatment intervention was associated with clinical remission and endoscopic improvement without HBV reactivation. Furthermore, GMA was well-tolerated and was without any safety concern. However, suppression of tumor necrosis and interleukin-6by GMA in this clinical setting is potentially very interesting.

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