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Treatment of Crohn’s disease and familial Mediterranean fever by leukopheresis: single shot for two targets.

Mahmut Yuksel, Fatih Saygili, Orhan Coskun, Nuretdin Suna, Mustafa Kaplan, Ufuk Baris Kuzu, Zeki Mesut Yalin Kilic, Yasemin Ozderin Ozin, Ertugrul Kayacetin, World J Gastroenterol 2015 April 7; 21(13): 4078-4081

Long term maintenance with GMA for both CD and FMF is not possible, but during remission of CD the patient would have a chance to initiate colchicine again which will be a definitive therapy for FMF. We have already known the beneficial effect of GMA in CD from the literature

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