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Studies on the mechanisms of leukocyte adhesion to cellulose acetate beads: an in vitro model to assess the efficacy of cellulose acetate carrier-based granulocyte and monocyte adsorptive apheresis.

Hiraishi K1Takeda YShiobara NShibusawa HJimma FKashiwagi NSaniabadi AR, Masakazu Adachi

The results indicated that IgG and active complement fragments mediated leukocyte adhesion to CA beads via the FcgammaR and/or leukocyte complement receptor like CR3. Additionally, CA beads induced loss of expression of TNF receptors on CD16- granulocytes and CD14+ monocytes, but not on CD3+ lymphocytes In conclusion, CA beads might be an appropriate biomaterial for inducing extracorporeal immunomodulation as a treatment for auto-immune diseases which are associated with pathological leukocyte activity.

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