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Preliminary data on the use of apheresis in inflammatory bowel disease

William J Sandborn, Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2006 Jan;12 Suppl 1:S15-21

Multiple studies have suggested that selective apheresis may be of benefit as a steroid-sparing treatment. In an unblinded randomized trial in 69 steroid-dependent patients with active UC randomized to selective apheresis with Adacolumn or an increased dose of prednisolone, 83% of patients receiving Adacolumn achieved remission compared with 65% of those receiving an increased dose of prednisolone. In another uncontrolled study of 60 patients with active UC, treatment with Adacolumn selective apheresis enabled nearly 70% of steroid-dependent patients to discontinue prednisolone. An unblinded randomized controlled trial of a different selective apheresis device (Cellsorba) versus high-dose prednisolone in patients with active UC showed a greater therapeutic effect (74%) than high-dose prednisolone (38%) and lower frequency of adverse effects (24% versus 68%).

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