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Positions of selective leukocytapheresis in the medical therapy of ulcerative colitis

Hiroyuki Hanai, World J Gastroenterol. 2006 Dec 21;12(47):7568-77.

The Adacolumn is a medical device developed for selective depletion of GM by receptor-mediated adsorption (GMA). Clinical data show GMA, in patients with steroid dependent or steroid refractory UC, is associated with up to 85% efficacy and tapering or discontinuation of steroids, while in steroid naive patients (the best responders), GMA spares patients from exposure to steroids. Likewise, GMA at appropriate intervals in patients at a high risk of clinical relapse suppresses relapse thus sparing the patients from the morbidity associated with IBD relapse. Further, GMA appears to reduce the number of patients being submitted to colectomy or exposure to unsafe immunosupressants. First UC episode, steroid naivety and short disease duration appear good predictors of response to GMA and based on the available data, GMA seems to have an excellent safety profile.

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