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Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease : clinical and immunological aspects on remission treatment

Finally, we studied the immunological profile in blood at onset and in intestinal mucosa at onset and after GMA and EEN treatment. We conclude that an active approach is needed in the care of children with IBD to achieve and maintain remission. Our findings reveal that the children on IFX maintenance treatment were only in remission in 28% of the visits. The combination of GMA and mesalazine was found to be a safe and effective treatment in children with newly onset IBD. It seems plausible to speculate that the decreases in mucosal cytokines after the induction of remission may explain the good clinical result. Moreover, a change in the mucosal cytokine profile after induction of remission with EEN was observed. By investigating the chemokine receptors, we found a possible prognostic IBD marker, and by analyzing the cytokine profiles in mucosal biopsies, we have extended the knowledge of immunological phenotypes in children with IBD. Suggestions for the future Corticosteroid-free treatment alternatives must be explored and those currently in use must be optimized. To conclude, more and bigger studies are needed to explore the pathogenesis of IBD to determine new treatment alternatives.

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