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Is the Benefit of Granulocyte Monocyte Adsorptive Apheresis in Ulcerative Colitis Overstated?

Gianni Imperiali,1 Arnaldo Amato,1 Maria Maddalena Terpin,2 Ivo Beverina,3Aurora Bortoli,4 Massimo Devani,4 Chiara Viganò,5 and Study Group on IBD (GSMII), Gastroenterology Research and Practice Volume 2017, Article ID 9728324, 5 pages

In conclusion, in our opinion, a short course of GMA might be proposed as a safe and effective treatment option for steroid-dependent, azathioprine intolerant or resistant UC patients, before referring them to long-term biologic therapy or surgery, which are characterised by significantly higher costs and side effects

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