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Immunological Mechanisms of Adsorptive Cytapheresis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Esteban Sáez-González 1Inés Moret 2 3 4Diego Alvarez-Sotomayor 2Francia Carolina Díaz-Jaime 2Elena Cerrillo 2 3Marisa Iborra 2 3 4Pilar Nos 2 3 4Belén Beltrán 2 3 4 , Dig Dis Sci. 2017 Jun;62(6):1417-1425.

The benefit of cytapheresis appears to rest upon its ability to reduce levels of certain immune cell populations; however, whether this depletion results in further changes in lymphocyte populations and cytokine production needs further clarification. In this review, we aim to summarize existing evidence on the role of cytapheresis in patients with IBD, its effect on cytokine levels and cellular populations, and to discuss its potential impact on disease activity.

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