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Effect of G-1 column (Adacolumn) therapy in rats with adjuvant arthritis on the migration and immunoreactivity of peripheral and splenic leukocytes

Satoru Nakazato 1Hiromichi TakaseYasuo YanagiharaThomas B IssekutzAndrew C IssekutzMasaaki TakaiMasahisa Kyogoku, Mod Rheumatol. 2005;15(4):249-57.

These results may be relevant to the rapid clinical anti-inflammatory effect observed in rheumatoid arthritis and possibly also in ulcerative colitis, without any pulmonary complications. In contrast, the adsorption rate by the G-1 column of T lymphocytes was very low, and their migration pattern to sites of dermal inflammatory reactions was not altered after treatment. However, the antigen (Mycobacterium purified protein derivative) reactivity of T lymphocytes in blood was almost completely abolished after G-1 column treatment of arthritic rats. This unexpected qualitative effect on T lymphocytes of G-1 treatment warrants further detailed study.

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