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Clinical and basic studies on the G‐1 column,a new extracorporeal therapeutic device effective in controlling rheumatoid arthritis

M Kyogoku 1R Kasukawa, Inflamm Res. 1998 Oct;47 Suppl 3:S166-76.

 The results were further confirmed in the adjuvant arthritic rat model. G-1 beads adsorb some amounts of platelets at the beginning and then about a quarter of circulating neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells, and B cells, but not T cells. Various factors released from blood cells during transit through the column must have influenced the cells including lymphocytes which passed through the column. G-column actually eliminates some parts of aggressive leukocytes, but a more interesting story is the modification of blood components, which occurred in the G-1 column, and when returned to the patients, may have ameliorated the unbalanced homeostatic network and induced acceleration of healing

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