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How does Adacolumn® work in IBD treatment?

Dr. Eugeni Domènech

Dr. Eugeni Domènech

“The mode of action of GMA makes this therapy a unique therapy in the treatment of UC, because the main target of GMA are neutrophils. Neutrophils are the hallmark of histopathology in ulcerative colitis, and this is why GMA is a very appealing therapy in this disease. In a simple way, we can say that the mode of action is the selective removal of active neutrophils and active monocytes from the bloodstream of the patients. When the blood of the patients interacts with the methylcellulose beats in the filter of Adacolumn®. In addition to this removal, some anti-inflammatory cytokines are synthesized in this process and reenter into the bloodstream of the patients, giving an additional mechanism of action to the therapy.” Dr. Eugeni Domènech.

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