Learn more about Adacolumn®: specific answers to real questions

Do you have any questions about Adacolumn®? You can find all the answers in the Ask the expert section in Adacyte website . This is a consultation area to clarify real doubts about different aspects of the use of Adacolumn® (procedure, efficacy, patient profiles…) in a concrete and brief way.  Each question is answered by 2-4 gastroenterologists who are experts both in inflammatory bowel disease are and in the use of GMA to treat IBD.  In this way different points of view or ways of using GMA are shown.

The answers are shown in short video format of no more than 1-2 minutes in length.

Aspects addressed:

  • MOA and synergies in combination.
  • Safety
  • Schedule and procedure
  • Efficacy
  • Combination therapy
  • Other patient profiles/ other targets for use
  • Patient convenience and acceptance
  • Crohn’s disease

Can Adacolumn® be used in combination with other drugs for maintaining remission in IBD?

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